Noor-e-Mobin Sports Hall by F.E.A. Studio, in Semnan, Iran.
Cost efficient solution for a community in Iran.
The smart part is the placement of the windows, which let light in, but are hidden from direct sunlight in the hot weather.
Poster #4 of the series Patterning 2013, by Olaf Lyczba.
Poster #2 of the series Patterning 2013, by Olaf Lyczba.
Gotham Fresh - experimental font by Olaf Lyczba.
Check out the entire project here.
Zhongwei Cultural Complex by Ho & Partners Architects in Zhongwei, China.Huge cultural building that not only tries to be visually exciting but also resembles the surroundings and the local art characteristics.May sound like a cliché, but China is just an exciting place to be architecturally, nowadays. Fresh ideas and grandiose constructions - new grounds.
The Time Is Now by Olaf Łyczba.
2013! - the best year of your life yet by Olaf Łyczba.
Four Room Container House by Pieter Peelings and Silvia Mertens of Sculp(IT), in Antwerp, Belgium.
As much available space was never a gift in the Lowlands, this young couple decided to take housing into a whole new level. Now we’ve seen many examples of container housing, but this idea, to stack them upon the other, and fill the gap between buildings in a city is quite unique.
The couple also used clever ideas to make a more convenient use of space and atmosphere. Each floor represents a different function, in pair with a different color. Genious!
R.I.P. Oscar Niemeyer, master of architecture.
The Dynamic D*Haus by The D*Haus Company.
This concept takes insightful architecture to a whole new level. The House consists of several structural parts that can be shifted, moved and rearranged as desired using circular tracks. This way the owner can select the best arrangement depending on seasons and light conditions.
Do check out the video too, that demonstrates this concept well; 
Spend Your Time on This. Experimental typography poster by Olaf Łyczba.
Fukushima - Soha Többé! (Never Again!) Poster by Olaf Łyczba.
Pol-Aqua Company Headquarters, by Hermanowicz Rewski Architekci, in Warsaw, Poland.
This office complex aims to change the character and the landscape of the neighborhood with its strong elements and neatly constructed surroundings.
Worth to check out the other pictures too, very tasteful and simple.
House Extension by KILKORO architekci in Poznań, Poland.
Elegant details and thought-through contrasts characterize this family house in Poland.
Its modest appearance keeps the building simple, human-scale, yet special in the neighborhood.
Music- and Lifestyle-Hotel “nhow” by nps tchoban voss architektur in Berlin, Germany.
The shape of the building would not be unheard of in today’s contemporary architecture, but its size and volume is what gives the structure a surprising nature. This combined with the stylish and chic interior makes a unique hotel.
The Karim Rashid-designed reception. Check that out.