192 Shoreham Street by Project Orange in S Sheffield, United Kingdom.
This concept cuts through the typical British urban scenery like that addition on the top of the building itself. 
Yes, people. This is a do.
The Arch cultural center by 3XN in Mandal, Norway.
A simple yet powerful nordic cut makes this cultural center stand out. 
Glass hills in a Norwegian harbor. Ladies and Gentlemen, we see the future here.
Cross # towers by BIG in Seoul, Korea.
This building plays with form, geometry and surreality.
Another great architectural plan in South Korea.
Cocoon House by Planning Korea in Jeju, South Korea.
This plan by the architectural organization, Planning Korea gives us an exciting hint of what our lives and living conditions might look like tomorrow. With the completion date set to 2015 we can only patiently wait to see what the cutting edge house of the near-future holds for us.
Those lines, those forms, those structures. Delicious.
Mirror Mongayt by BERNASKONI in Moscow, Russia.
Uniqueness along with the full respect of nature.
I like the contrast between the rough interior and the simple, clean exterior.
Miracle Residence by BFTA Mimarlik in Istambul, Turkey.
The colors, shapes and the entire structure shows how playful architecture can really be. This is a good example, because the building doesn’t have a crazy shape, outstanding details or a very high budget, but it can still be a nice addition to a city, and a good location for modern apartments.
Wanna play tetris?
Office for the Hungarian MKB Bank by Imre Bálint DLA, in Budapest, Hungary.
Oversized details and beautiful curves. Kind of a flatiron building of the 21st century.
I had the luck to see this personally, the picture was taken by me too, and let me tell you, when you see it for the first time it’s like a spaceship docked in the middle of the city. Quite futuristic.
Sarpi border checkpoint by J. Mayer H. , in Sarpi, Georgia.
Wow never thought I would be publishing about contemporary architecture in Georgia, and here it is, 2 posts in a day.
This border checkpoint between Georgia and Turkey seems like it gives a lot more than what it was intended for (but probably that was the trick). Not only does the structure mark the new country, and advertises it to travelers, but also serves as a silent icon, kind of like a guard over the bay.
The crazy shape is really cool, and the observatory, is the cherry on top.
(as I later found out, it is no coincidence that I found many cool contemporary buildings in the Caucasus country, it turns out german architect J. Mayer H. is working on several landmarks and structures throughout the nation - architecture is a clever way to get recognition for a small country)
The Innovatoren / Floriade 2012 by Thomas Mayer, in Venlo, The Netherlands.
Cannot even find the right words. Although this main building is just a little part of the entire expo, it represents the event perfectly. Very iconic and inspirational yet sufficiently simple.
There is a reason why it is called the Innovatoren. WOW.
Mestia Police Station by J. Mayer H. Architects, in Mestia, Georgia.
A couple things I’d like to point out. Clever, space-efficient and relatively inexpensive building. Not what you would expect from a police station and absolutely not what you would expect to see in the middle of countryside Georgia. And still.
Brilliant solution, iconic new symbol and an outstanding landmark of the city. Other than, of course, its main function.
Infographic poster of the Netherlands and its iconic contemporary architecture by Olaf Łyczba, from Budapest, Hungary.
/if you want a free large resolution copy just send me a message/
Critical Mass. Event poster by Olaf Łyczba from Budapest, Hungary.
RELAXX sport and leisure center by AK2 in Bratislava, Slovakia.
Energetic structure and the respect of the form.
Nice to see such a fresh building from smaller countries.
Chapel in Villeaceron by S.M.A.O. in Almadén, Spain.
Simple, powerful and straightforward.
Lets you focus on the spiritual aspects without the unnecessary distractions. Nice.
Time to… by Olaf Łyczba from Budapest, Hungary.