Dresden Dormitory by Junk&Reich, Hartmann+Helm, in Dresden, Germany.
As remnants of the communist era, prefab apartment complexes are a common sight not only throughout east Germany, but in most of Central- and Eastern-Europe as well. As they are increasingly gaining a bad reputation and look outdated cities now look for alternative solutions and complex modernizations - in which Germany is pioneer.Bold colors and fresh interiors, bay windows instead of loggias. And this is just one of the countless solutions to the problem.
Servef Center in Novelda by Calatayud-Navarro Arquitectos, in Novelda, Spain.
Thefacade, with its concrete block breaks the overly office-like feel of the entire structure, and adds a craft value. The single wall on the right side adds a sense of security and frames the entire building. The variation of horizontal and vertical lines add a playfulness to the block.
FFAT by Arquitectos Anonimos, in Villa Nova Gaia, Portugal.
As the architects said, the facade serves as a protection from the ‘radiation’ of reality, and I can see that. The building does look like a shelter, but at the same time I can imagine it with all the windows uncovered, serving as a fancy living space.
Building Expo 2008 by Basilio Tobías, in Zaragoza, Spain.
Zaragoza being an important city in Spain is enjoying a flourishing architecture scene these days. This building hints an ultimate rationality, reminding us of Mies van der Rohe’s works.
Noor-e-Mobin Sports Hall by F.E.A. Studio, in Semnan, Iran.
Cost efficient solution for a community in Iran.
The smart part is the placement of the windows, which let light in, but are hidden from direct sunlight in the hot weather.
Zhongwei Cultural Complex by Ho & Partners Architects in Zhongwei, China.Huge cultural building that not only tries to be visually exciting but also resembles the surroundings and the local art characteristics.May sound like a cliché, but China is just an exciting place to be architecturally, nowadays. Fresh ideas and grandiose constructions - new grounds.
The Dynamic D*Haus by The D*Haus Company.
This concept takes insightful architecture to a whole new level. The House consists of several structural parts that can be shifted, moved and rearranged as desired using circular tracks. This way the owner can select the best arrangement depending on seasons and light conditions.
Do check out the video too, that demonstrates this concept well;https://vimeo.com/52842802 
Pol-Aqua Company Headquarters, by Hermanowicz Rewski Architekci, in Warsaw, Poland.
This office complex aims to change the character and the landscape of the neighborhood with its strong elements and neatly constructed surroundings.
Worth to check out the other pictures too, very tasteful and simple.
Alan Voo House by Neil M. Denari Architects in Los Angeles, CA, USA.
Light and chic. These two words describe this LA house perfectly. The structure doesn’t want to seem more than it is, but the geometrical playfulness brings ‘fun’ to the facade.
Note the clever glass and metal covering on some parts of the wall. Cool.
Mascaro Center for Sustainable Innovation by Edge Studio and Nbbj, in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA.
Futuristic building for a subject of today, that can save tomorrow. The building is - of course - as sustainable as possible.
Beautiful, functional and useful. Best combo right there.
Natural History Museum Proposal by Kengo Kuma & Associates + Erik Møller Arkitekter + JAJA Architects, in Copenhagen, Denmark.
Even though the proposal only exists in plans, it already moves one’s fantasy.
Simplicity with a respect for the subject.
Roadside Rest Stop Akkarvikkoden by Manthley Kula Architects, in Lofoten, Norway.
After a strong storm swept the previous one away, the decision came to open a new, stronger rest stop near the arctic cycle. 
This distant little building is eye candy for the architecture-likers really. The interior is a must see too!
Porsche Pavilion at the Autostadt by Henn Architekten, in Wolfsburg, Germany.
The structure and the shapes really catch the sense of the german automobile manufacturing. Simplicity, powerfulness and great quality.
Another brilliant addition to the Autostadt. Must see for Architects.
Seek Happiness. Poster 04, part of the positivity series, by Olaf Łyczba from Budapest, Hungary.
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