Kleine Rieteiland Ijburg by John Bosch in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.
The silent repetition of the geometric shapes and the blended-into-nature structure create a stylish and futuristic living space.
Standing on the riverside like quiet sculptures.
V-house by gAAgA Architects in Leiden, Netherlands.
Very simple yet very futuristic. Also check out the surrounding houses, I think this part of the town must feel like walking on another planet, with all contemporary, fantastic houses. Yes!
Utrecht Library by Wiel Arets Architects, in Utrecht, Netherlands.
Simple yet well-crafted surfaces meet on this public library. Clean look from further away, but when we go closer we can see the pattern repeating on every window and tile.
The building represents what library and knowledge should be like. Well understandable, easily receivable on the outside, but at the same time complex and advanced on the inside.
Row houses by Han van Zwieten, in IJsselstein, Netherlands.
An entirely green project, with thin film solar panels, and recyclable materials just outside of Amsterdam.
To quote the architect- “In our new towns, the parking places, the parks, the banks, the trees—all of this is designed. In Holland, it looks like every piece of grass is designed.” - I could not agree more. A carefully planned environment equals satisfied residents and less harm to nature.
Once again, holland lives in the future.
V12K0102 house by Pasel Kuenzel Architects in Leiden, Netherlands.
No one would assume that the building was formerly a slaughterhouse. 
Clear lines, minimalistic yet friendly look. Good job!
De Plussenburgh retirement home by Arons en Gelauff Architekten, in Rotterdam, Netherlands.
According to the article, the building was built for the forthcoming retirement of the hippie generation, and the daring shapes are to show the denial of aging.Heck, this looks like an A+ category office building, I think the architects succeeded creating a playful, modern living space.  
De Rotterdam building complex by OMA Architects, in Rotterdam, Netherlands.
At its completion, in 2013 this will be the biggest building in The Netherlands.
With it’s enormeous size and clear shapes the building will not go unnoticed, especially knowing that the location can be seen from the entire riverside of the city.
Fabric facade studio apartment by CC Studio, Studio TX and Rob Veening, in Almere, The Netherlands.
Cost efficient, unique and iconic. The simple house uses a special outside covering designed exclusively for the project that moves with the wind, yet is weather proof and one of a kind. Superb!