Alan Voo House by Neil M. Denari Architects in Los Angeles, CA, USA.
Light and chic. These two words describe this LA house perfectly. The structure doesn’t want to seem more than it is, but the geometrical playfulness brings ‘fun’ to the facade.
Note the clever glass and metal covering on some parts of the wall. Cool.
Mascaro Center for Sustainable Innovation by Edge Studio and Nbbj, in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA.
Futuristic building for a subject of today, that can save tomorrow. The building is - of course - as sustainable as possible.
Beautiful, functional and useful. Best combo right there.
Four Eyes House by Edward Ogosta Architecture in Coachella Valley, CA, USA.
This building, surrounded by a rough desert landscape is already a contrast with its pure white color and geometric shapes. Add the amazing harmony between exterior and interior and you get something truly outstanding.
That mirroring pool just adds the finishing touch.
California Roll House concept, by Christopher Daniels, from California, USA.
This extravagant concept unifies architecture and design.
Imagine living in this, surrounded by the desert and only a few trees. Unreally cool. 
Zen Garden House by David Jay Weiner, in Crestone, CO, United States.
The building really stands up for its name. It is simple, relaxing and close to nature. The rough and beautiful landscape and the open prairie provide an excellent balance to the house.
You look at it. and… you just want to be there. Just to get away from the urban areas for a few days. To see real rainstorms and wild thundering. Really nice.
In Orbit by Mark Weaver, from Atlanta, GA, USA.
Retro looking, yet futuristic, but still contemporary graphic design.
1964 by Mark Weaver, from Atlanta, USA.
Simple, clean and vintage.
The blue circle nicelybalances the picture out.
Untitled (painting) by Mark Weaver, from Atlanta, USA.
Artwork made for an art show. Strickly for geometry lovers.
August (from The Sun series) by Aspen Mays, from Chicago, USA.
Nice minimalist paintings using basic shapes.
Untitled, 2011 by Jack Schneider, from Chicago, USA.
I received a message from Jack a few days ago, recommending me one of his paintings from a series of about 10. He said looking through my tumblog he thought I might be interested in his artworks. And yes. I am interested. Love this painting!
Thanks again, Jack Schneider!
Painting by Dan McPharlin, from the USA.
Total harmony of shapes and colors.
Kroon Hall, Yale University by Hopkins Architects and Centerbrook Architects and Planners, in New Haven, Connecticut, USA.
Attractive, energy efficient, open and spacious. Perfectly fits into the image of a modern university with great traditions. Love the form of the facade too.
University of Arizona Poetry Center, by Line and Space LLC, in Tucson, Arizona, USA.
A nice, well design center inspires students for reading and writing.
Located in the heart of Arizona, the building gives us a cool feeling in the hot weather, with its nice, clean, white and glossy facade.
'Stacked boxes' residental high-rise, under construction by Herzog & de Meuron in New York City, USA.
Crazy looking skyscraper with a chic design. Megalomania in NYC - where else? 
Cesar Chavez Library by Line and Space LLC, in Phoenix, Arizona.
The moderately sized building with this huge roof creates a really powerful, yet light look.